He’s alive.


One of the first ever memories I have is me explaining my kindergarden teacher how I’m gonna marry Michael. I remember clearly how possible it looked in my head. I had Dangerous on VHS, I was probably 3 years old and I played it all the time. I’m not even sure who brought it home. I have to say I’ve been very lucky to have parents with good music taste.

Pitchfork wrote this on Xscape. The author demonstrates key insights on each song, analyzes with competence Michael’s vocals and implies how they faded out with time. He also expresses his disapproval of most decisions by Jackson’s ‘estate’, especially the tittle of one of the songs – ‘Do you know where your children are’ (oh, the irony, I know)

Music critic is a profession I never really understood, I’m far from a music expert and I do appreciate good criticism. But  I nearly cried when I heard this album. He’s alive and rocking.
Analyze that.


Here’s how a Polish supermodel rides a giant dog.

What do you do when you run over the supermodel game a few times? You star in the most obscure, surreal and/or ridiculous music video you could think of.

I have quite mixed feelings about Anja Rubik, but this video turns her whole image around. The video accompanies a song by acclaimed Polish writer Dorota Masłowska, who decided to diversify her professional life and image by.. releasing a rap/dance/punk record. Why not.

So. Sit back, relax and enjoy nearly 5 minutes of pure mindfuck. Eastern European kitsch at its finest.


Naked bodies in your personal space

214d4d87-a631-4192-be16-366b08aa2221I love the uncomfortable beauty of a Mapplethorpe photograph. It’s as if you just invaded someone’s personal space and you’re not really welcome, but you’re still free to stay and watch. Well, unless it’s a naked man, then you kinda move away by yourself. Or you don’t. It usually depends on your gender.
Robert Mapplethorpe is currently exhibiting in LA, if you happen to be around. Amal, you should go, you lucky bitch.

Can’t figure out if I’m too busy or just too lazy to blog. Probably both. Spring’s just great though.


Edit: Mappletrophe is currently being exhibited in Paris as well. Twice, in fact. Here you can read an interview with Patricia Morrisoe, his biographer. 1069453068991f6-90db-4699-849e-535c631bfc3e 0ff8f6bf-7773-4c67-86d6-4e51754a000c

Kiss ‘n Tell

By the time I publish this, it’s most likely that at least 4 different friends have already shared it on their Facebook news feed. It also has nearly 300k views on Vimeo. The one day I slept in.

So, without pretending to be the first one, it’s totally worth posting it, even a bit late. Tatia Pilieva asked 20 complete (or at least we think so) strangers to kiss in front to a camera. It’s so adorable, awkward and sexy, it almost makes you run on the street and find someone to kiss. Obviously people like that don’t really walk on the streets, but anyway, just play it. The guy with the hat and the blond chick are my favourite. They’re single, I can tell you that.


When was the last time you touched someone?


This morning, 2 months ago, yesterday, 23 years ago, never, just now..? Touching is a complicated matter, I see.
touched-some1.com has launched to promote the latest sci-fi movie starring Scarlett Johansson – Under the skin. Horror sci-fi, to be precise – an alien seductress (Scarlett) preys upon hitchhikers in Scotland. Brilliant.

Check out some of the answers and then go touch someone for real. It’s healthy.