Girls don’t poop

I always had this theory.. girls don’t poop. Usually no one buys it. But here it is – the proof!

The 2-minute long video by American company PooPourri is the new viral bomb, circulating the Internet nearly a month now. There’s a huge chance you’ve already seen it and if so – good for you, forever-alone-constantly-browsing-the-net-geek. Get a life. Yes, I know, it’s been everywhere. But I’d be endlessly happy if you saw it first here. Or at least fake it.

Back to Poopourri. It’s so classy and genius, it makes you want to poop in public all the time. I love this new wave lately of truly smart and modern adverts by mostly american (obvio) start-ups, who still find things that haven’t been invented yet, but have this ‘How did I not think of this before!’ type of function. Another two champions from this category – The youngest period expert from Camp Gyno – watch here aaand my all-time favourite – Mike from Dollar Shave Club – watch here. I almost wanna shave because of this guy. Seriously.

So if you happen to poop often, I recommend you the DejaPoo or the Trap-a-crap spray. I’d order them myself, but as I said, I don’t poop.



One thought on “Girls don’t poop

  1. I’m half girl, half tiny man. Well a better description is that I have too much testosterone to be considered a full time female. I swear, ask my doctor. So I do go sometimes. I BOUGHT A WHOLE SET. Its wonderful. It has travel sizes that fit in clutches, a larger bottle for home and tiny ones for luggage.

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