Morning rituals

I friend of someone I know used to wake up every morning, shower, get dressed, leave the house, go around the block and come back inside. His office was in his flat.

Rituals are essential. Inspired by Balzac, Hanse Ulrich Obrist, an important man in contemporary curating, tried to drink 20 espressos a day. Hanse isn’t Italian, so obviously he couldn’t pull it up. Then, following da Vinci, he tried to sleep for 15 minutes every 3 hours. Currently he just likes to wake up early every day and run in the green oasis of London’s Hyde Park. He also buys a book each day. In fact he ‘can’t live without buying a book every day’.

Now. I don’t have the beauty of Hyde Park to accompany my morning nor will I die if I don’t buy a book tomorrow, but I do enjoy rituals. I was about to say rituals are what differentiate us from animals, but that’s most likely untrue. Oh well.. Either way rituals do have a crucial role in building our own culture, discipline and sanity. I don’t really have any religiously practiced rituals just yet, but I do look forward to having a special way of doing things. Especially morning. Mornings are just so unbearable.

So here’s to more rituals in 2014. And not to be confused with routines.



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