Modern age love

Sounds almost like an oxymoron. Or a moron.

Few reactions to Spike Jonze’s latest film Her, that I saw from this sweet guy. A heavily weird Asian girl, few incurable pessimists, some realists and a hopelessly-in-love-romantic-she-understands-everything-about-me type a dude. Bless him.

The movie itself is pure hopeless magic. At first you’re not really buying all the geeky futuristic technology on top of the most happily looking orange/pink/yellow backdrop and Scarlett Johansson painfully sexy voice. Then you just realise that’s not the point. Besides, sweet mother of god, Joaquin Phoenix. Nechovek.

So before this starts looking like a movie review – just play some of the short documentary below. Or better yet – the movie.



One thought on “Modern age love

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