The architecture of a dress

I must say, I was quite sceptical about Raf Simons joining Dior and I still am. I guess I got far too used to the charming Galliano kitsch to accept the clean Simons line, may it be classier or even prettier.

1062131And here I am, barely a year after, glazing over the latest couture show by Dior, like that 16 year old girl used to do in her other blog some time ago. All I can say is – my god, the cut. The architecture, the silhouette, the shade, the posture, the grace. Every dress looks like its own levitating fairytale in a curvy white futuristic, but still so dreamy world. Goodbye carnival, hello chic.

And the sneakers. Yes, the sneakers (see below) on the Dior Haute Couture spring 14 show. Now, if you ask me that crosses the thin border between audacity and silly controversy, but you’re probably not even asking, so it’s all good. Casual couture, can you believe it.

I’d love to put the video, but it’s not even out yet. So thank god for those fashion editors who Instagram every second, instead of actually watching it live.

Photos by the amazing Oliver Zahm @ Purple and Lea Colombo @ Dazed. More here and here.

Oh, and btw yeey – my first fashion post!


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