I’ve never been a sucker for Lindsey Wixton. Too much hype for no obvious reason and a Bridgette Bardot teeth trend gone bad is all there is for me.


Greg Kadel on the other hand, I’ve loved for a while now. Always manages to put some romantic touch to it all, even in the most simple or every-day picture. Plus he has a great taste in boobies.Lindsey-Wixson-Numero-Greg-Kadel-02

So, apparently, Wixton + Kadel is another story.  First of all – she actually looks like a human being, excuse me very much. And second, it surprisingly fits her to be with a normal facial expression, showing no anger or I’m-gonna-bite-your-flesh-offtype of attitude.. It’s grunge chick meets a native american tribal princess type a thing. If there is such. Love it!


Lindsay Wixton is shot by Greg Kadel and styled by Havana Laffitte for the cover of the french Numeró February issue.



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