F for Fake

With a little over 20 posts and my forth month officially into blogging I must say there is still no clear concept of what’s happening here. We have a few fashion observations, a little good music and some humble opinions on cinema.

Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 5.58.27 PM

But this, this is different. I bumped into F for Fake while reading an interview and I put it on immediately. It was a little bit of a rough start I may say with a few occasional fall-asleeps here and there, but in the end I was as hooked as a little girl on candy.

This is officially the most beautiful, magical look behind the curtains of the ‘art scene’ and its birth. Fraud, fakery and intrigue are the main discussed issues, but individuality, pretentious expertise and modesty slip right in as well. Throughout the magical narration of Orson Welles, who is also the creator of the film (and of Citizen Kane), you get to meet few of the most controversial forgers of the 20th century.

A masterpiece of montage, story telling, great minds, romance and comedy. It’s where documentary meets fairytale. You can watch it here.
And this – this is the first time it actually feels meaningful to write a blogpost.



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