The future of a page


Dazed have always been on top of their game. Their online hub is constantly evolving, satisfying the need of the impatient reader and presenting fantastic content in the same time. I’d use the word underground here if it wasn’t so dirty and meaningless.

The new Dazed is just the bomb. First of all it’s going seasonal just like every good magazine out there, only with 6 issues yearly rather than 2 or 4. Which is pretty awesome. It has double the content, but (hopefully) this means double the reading and enrichment, rather the double the visual entertaining via 15 more editorials with similar clothes and faces. It still has plenty of photo material, just not of fur coats and stilettos, but a whole art section, curated by a different artist every issue and exhibiting original work. It’s sort of a printed Dazed Visionaire. There are also have some kick ass interviews, music, fashion and a double cover with smoking-hot Scarlett J. Love it!

Out this week. Now just gotta figure out who’s gonna bring me an issue.



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