Jeremy Scott x Moschino x Oh no..

Well I guess this is officially becoming a fashion blog. Somehow I’ve missed the big news that Jeremy Scott is taking over Moschino back in October. Just another piece of bad news from October – quite a shitty month, if you ask me.

Not to overreact, but gosh, I can’t stand this guy. I’ve had enough of trash cans, Flintstones, monster suits and other animals with wings walking down the runways of a Jeremy Scott show. But like it or not, here we are at Mr Scott’s debut for one of the best brands of Milan Fashion week. Tragedy :-/

The situation is McDonalds meets Spongebob with a few occasional 90’s-styled prostitutes in denim, gold leggings and fake chains. Yeah, yeah, we love the irony, the fast food / fast life metaphor, the funny take on fashion and all that shit. But I’m not buying it. Cheap controversy is all there is for me.

As they say at The Ney Yorker, if you don’t like it, smoke a joint and try again. I’ll post an update from that later.




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