He’s alive.


One of the first ever memories I have is me explaining my kindergarden teacher how I’m gonna marry Michael. I remember clearly how possible it looked in my head. I had Dangerous on VHS, I was probably 3 years old and I played it all the time. I’m not even sure who brought it home. I have to say I’ve been very lucky to have parents with good music taste.

Pitchfork wrote this on Xscape. The author demonstrates key insights on each song, analyzes with competence Michael’s vocals and implies how they faded out with time. He also expresses his disapproval of most decisions by Jackson’s ‘estate’, especially the tittle of one of the songs – ‘Do you know where your children are’ (oh, the irony, I know)

Music critic is a profession I never really understood, I’m far from a music expert and I do appreciate good criticism. But  I nearly cried when I heard this album. He’s alive and rocking.
Analyze that.