Holy shit Beyonce

Whether or not you’re a fan of Beyonce, there’s this one thing you can’t deny about her.
She just does not stop.


Growing up with Destiny’s Child gives you a special feeling for Beyonce, even tho she was never my favourite. I thought she was cocky, she couldn’t really sing, not much style either. But she just didn’t stop – unlike all the other Destiny’s Children.

So here we are today. The Internet is filthy full with her  ‘surprise visual album’. Apparently while touring the world (twice) she recorded a new album with 30-something songs, half of them with videos. Casually.

And I snoozed the alarm clock for half an hour today..

Check out the snips of the videos on Hypebeast and watch three full length videos on this weird Vimeo channel before they remove them. Xmas came early, as Maria said.