Not another political blogpost.


It’s complicated to comment the current political situation in Bulgaria. Mainly because I don’t really understand it. Yes, I understand the people of Bulgaria just had enough of it all – the lies, the corruption, the arrogant and shameless way of the government ‘ruling’ the country. I also understand their constitutional right to protest. Every day for about five months now. Yes, five. I also understand the people against the strikes. They’re just comfortable where they are – in their own capsule, like a caterpillar, producing close-mindedness and ignorance around themselves, instead of silk. I even understand (but not justify!) the fact that with so many angry, disappointed people it is almost inevitable to have cases of violence. Scandalous violence. Perhaps sometimes the people towards the police, but most of the times – the police towards the people! Not that I insist,but if you wish, you can see enough here or here. I am even gonna go as far as saying – they’re probably just doing their job – those well though, well trained, brainless, communistic-educated men and women in blue. Fuck you guys.

But there are things I don’t understand. Number 1 – What’s the solution? Who’s gonna come up when those go down? Who’s gonna ‘fix us’ as they often say. Not to be confused with me believing there’s such thing as fixing. Honestly, it seems hopeless. And moreover Number 2 – how the hell is it possible to be so arrogant, impudent -insert more offensive words here-, and not see how much people despise you. I am honestly dying to know what’s in those guys’ heads. If there is anything at all.

So as I said, I don’t get it. Exactly 4 years ago I wrote this and I clearly remember how much I believed in it. The type of ‘I’m 20 and I know everything about the world’ type of believing. Turns out I know shit. And I still haven’t learned. But now at least I joined all my friends on the ‘Don’t wanna live in Bulgaria’ team. Welcome, I guess.

For the record. This is not a political blog. This is not a smart blog either. A picture of a fur coat or a ridiculously thin woman is coming very, very soon.