Darkside x Modular People

I’ve seen Darkside a few times live and I must say Dave Harrington is such a character! He’s almost like an out-of-time Dire Straits band member, shaking his curly blond hair and totally stealing the show.


So, Dave made this mod(pod)cast for Modular People, who are mean enough to publish it on their website and on Pitchfork, but not make it embed-able, so us, the mortal blogs, can post it too. Here is why you have to go here to hear it.

You can listen and download the whole thing, as well as read a few lines from Dave. Meanwhile you need to get their album Phychic, it’s such a melancholic/melodic mixture of Dave’s messy guitar riffs and Jaar’s trippy jaded voice.

And in other news, Nicolas Jaar is finally coming to kleta majka balgaria.
27-ми Февруари в София, благодарение на тея момчета. Йес.