I love Sofia. Sofia is just amazing.

If you happen to have any doubts about it, here is a 4-minute-long proof, powered by Under the line and Go Guide. We have a bunch of fine young ladies and gents, singing the almost annoyingly happy song by Pharrell and dancing at some of the prettiest places in Sofia. Well, actually at all of them, but let’s not start on this now. Also – some really cute grandpas, a pair of newlyweds, a Monsters Inc member, some passing by strangers and a few dogs. Supercool.



Still not sure

Снощи си мислих.. Защо по дяволите го започнах тоя блог на английски.. После се сетих – мога да пиша на каквото си поискам. Следващия пост го очаквайте на френски. Щот съм франкофон, о йе. Пети януари. Нова година. Нов късмет. … Continue reading

Let’s have a toast

There it is.
The much-anticipated, not-that-much-needed and quite unsure-of-its-purpose – my new year resolution post.

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 12.50.05 PMI guess I can always say it’s been a lo-o-ong year, with many lessons learned, many things and people seen, many places visited.. And just as many lessons that remained unlearned, unseen, unvisited.

I’m probably too young to actually do a balance-sheet of the year, but this time it’s almost happening by itself. The end of a year never felt so much.. an end. So let’s have a toast for the new. Year/job/home/life.

Oh, i forgot the ‘resolution’ .. In 2014 I’ll do more. Listen, work, learn, laugh, play. Everything. More.




Sundays are for lovers. Not all of them though.

Some Sundays are made just for you. You make pancakes just for you. You stay in bed all by yourself. You watch a movie by yourself. You make a huge soup, again just for you. You stay in pyjamas all day and you don’t even get to brush your teeth until mid-afternoon.. A nice tea, some chocolate or nuts. A few TV shows and maybe a joint..

Sundays are for home. Wherever home is. It juts matters so much. 

I though meaningless posts like that would come at least few months into blogging, but oh well, at least the song is good. Do check the album, in case you haven’t already fallen in love with it.