Sorority, hardcore and $300 Tshirts

1There’s so much mysticism around Rick Owens. His bulging glass-like eyes. His exceptional taste in women (I mean it – exceptional is the least you can say for the truly unique persona of Michèle Lamy). His ability to distance himself from the nasty world of fashion and vanity and levitate above them all with incredible grace – his past two shows – male and female, broke all dogmas for what runways and models should look like. Do watch them, if you haven’t. His unusual, but still quite wearable design. Cutting edge chic as someone I know likes to say. Even the texture of those infamous tshirts has its own thing – I got to speak to a person from his team once, who convinced me the million of tiny holes, which appear on the tshirts even after the most gentle wash, are there to serve their role and tell the story of the garment, show the life it’s been through. You’d figure with a few hundreds of your currency per tshirt, they’d last, but no – it’s much more than a ‘perfect’ piece of clothing, he said. Im still not sure about that part, but who am I to judge.

Rick Owens is an artist. That’s not much.. everyone could be an artist nowadays. What differentiates them all is what cause they advocate, what religion they preach. And Owens just seems to have the right idea in mind. The runway shows, the shapes of his design, the love for his woman and the vision for the modern world he has is what makes him great.

Here is what Rick Owens thinks of miniskirts, perhaps the most useless and unstylish piece of garment ever invented:
I love shorts! Skirts and accessibility to the genitals was appropriate in the 60s when people needed to express themselves, but it became standardised. There’s something vulnerable about women having to sit down and press their legs together so they don’t expose themselves. It doesn’t make sense. It’s not practical. I love shorts because legs are wonderful and I love the idea that a woman can do whatever she wants. I love bodies, but it’s disingenuous to show your genitals so obviously and so provocatively. I love nudity, but playing with “don’t look, don’t look” is teenage.


Without trying to go in the sexist corner, this is about the most short, sober and simple outlook of modern sexuality I could think of. Right in the jackpot. It almost makes him hot.


The quote is from this short and very enjoyable i-D magazine interview with Rick Owens and Michèle Lamy on love, risks, confrontation and nudity. Strongly recommended.