Modern age love

Sounds almost like an oxymoron. Or a moron.

Few reactions to Spike Jonze’s latest film Her, that I saw from this sweet guy. A heavily weird Asian girl, few incurable pessimists, some realists and a hopelessly-in-love-romantic-she-understands-everything-about-me type a dude. Bless him.

The movie itself is pure hopeless magic. At first you’re not really buying all the geeky futuristic technology on top of the most happily looking orange/pink/yellow backdrop and Scarlett Johansson painfully sexy voice. Then you just realise that’s not the point. Besides, sweet mother of god, Joaquin Phoenix. Nechovek.

So before this starts looking like a movie review – just play some of the short documentary below. Or better yet – the movie.



How to put your love life in shoes lesson 1

Just to be clear – this is not a fashion post. This is not a tech post either.
This is just a very amazed post.

Chilean artist Sebastian Errazuriz made 12 pairs of 3D printed shoes, inspired by 12 of his most memorable lovers.

Valentina The Ghost, Rachel The Boss, Jessica The Jetsetter, Anna The Virgin.. A remarkable collection of women, love, sex, passion and memories. I don’t know many people who are able to explore and reveal their past with such open-mindness. It’s usually a complex mix of fun, shame, irrational decisions and nostalgia.


Errazuriz himself shares it’s been far more difficult to open up than he thought. It’s almost as if you get a glimpse of Sebastian’s most and intimate moments through a few pairs of shoes. Fascinating.

Sebastian Errazuriz exhibited the collection in Melissa’s (who else) pop up store during Art Basel Miami.
Read and see more of his collection on his website.